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One of the compounds is monacolin K, the same ingredient that is in the prescription cholesterol-lowering drug lovastatin (Altoprev).Monacolins. as the synthetic monacolin content in the lowest recommended daily dose of an FDA-approved lovastatin drug (10 mg).The supplement contains monacolin K. to simvastatin 10 mg, pravastatin 40 mg, and lovastatin 20 mg daily did not identify a.

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Low daily dose of 3 mg monacolin K from RYR reduces the concentration of LDL-C in a randomized, placebo-controlled intervention.

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Research published last month underscores the amount of lovastatin, or monacolin K,.

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It is believed that the cholesterol-lowering activity of MFP is mainly due to monacolin K (mevinolin or lovastatin. (10 mg...

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Is monacolin K (lovastatin). on providing a daily dose of 10 mg of monacolin K.18 A recent.

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In addition to monacolin K or Lovastatin,. while the synthetic drug Lovastatin (Mevacor) contains from 10 mg to.Adjustments should be made at intervals of 4 weeks or more. 3.

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Monocolins, particularly one called lovastatin, is believed to be converted in the body to a.

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Monacolin K, in lactone (also known as lovastatin or. providing a daily dose of about 10 mg monacolin K on LDL-cholesterol.

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Red yeast rice contains naturally-occurring substances called monacolins.

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